Meeting at Hedca on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month at 2:00pm for 2 hours.

The U3A Folk Group has been going now for 15 years as a mainly acoustic group, although we do use mics and amps on some rare occasions if we perform to large groups or in the open air. It is a friendly relaxed session with refreshments available.

Although we are music based, it is not unknown for us to venture into the realms of poetry or folk based story-telling sometimes.

Among other instruments that we hear or have heard played at the club are: guitar, piano, clarinet, Northumbrian pipes, recorder, accordion, melodeon and even bugle and bosun’s pipe. But of course the most prominent is the human voice. We sing a variety of folk songs, from ancient (the oldest have been dated to before the Christian era) to modern (some of our members have even written and performed their own work). We are also quite happy if you want to come along and just listen.

Here is the link to the Folk Group U3A page